iphone 11 Pro max gx display

iPhone 11 Pro Max GX OLED Display


iPhone 11 Pro Original Display

iPhone 11pro original Display

iPhone 12 Original Display


(1) When the screen comes to you, you have to check the screen properly. (2) Do not remove the sticker until it is in the phone. (3) If you have to return, do not remove the sticker. (4) If the sticker is removed, the screen will not return.


3 Months Warranty, 1 Month Free Trial

NOTE : Warranty not cover Any line in Display & Any Damage / 1 Month Free Trial / If you do not like your product, you can take your money back within 1 month or get your product replaced. / If you want to take 1 month free trial then there should not be any kind of damage in the Product

🛒 This price is only the price of purchase of housing, if you get it installed then its price will be different.

💵 We do not give cash on delivery, we take full advance payment only.

📦 We will do free delivery, we will not charge you for delivery

🚚 The courier we will do will courier from the third party which will be in your area.

📱Our payment process will be done by UPI

⚠️ Return & Refund

1. In case you receive a damaged or wrong product, you must return it within 7 days

2. If you do not send the product within 7 days then you will not get refund then it will be replacement

3. If you want a replacement, you have to send it back to us within 7 days.

4. If you tell any problem after 7 days then this product will not be taken back and will not be refunded

⚠️ NOTE : What proof of bad product do you have, you have to prove it

1 : When you receive the product, you must shoot the video of its unboxing, it will help you a lot in refund and replacement.

2. When you get a product installed from a mobile shop, you must make a video of its testing so that it is proof that it is bad.

⚠️ Responsibility

1. After you get the tracking ID of the courier, that responsibility will be only and only of the courier company, not ours.

2. If for some reason you do not receive or receive


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