Your data is absolutely safe with us.
Yes, your data is absolutely safe with us, do not worry that your data will not be deleted.
We tell you that whatever data you have, it will be safe in your phone and will not be deleted.​

Note : We have told some things related to the data here, please read this

  1. When we get your mobile, we will not ask you about the data whether the data is there or not.

  2. When we fix your mobile, we will not ask you for your mobile passcode or password
  3. If you do not have a passcode in your mobile, then we will not see your data. We have nothing to do with your data.
  4. Even if we have to take the password, then we will take the permission of the password from you.
  5. If there is some repair in the mobile from which you have to ask for your password, then you will have to provide the password
  6. We can also ask for password in any work.
  7. If your mobile is turned off, then there is no guarantee that your data will be saved in that condition.
  8. If your phone is locked and you have to restore it, then your data will be 100% deleted.
  9. If you forget your phone password or perton lock, then in that condition the phone will have to be restored and the data will be deleted.
  10. Your data will only be safe with you, it now you to keep a beckup of your data.

Your data is very important for us, so don't worry at all

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