We value the trust you place in bsas mobile service That’s why we insist upon the highest standards for secure transactions and customer information privacy.

Note: We keep changing our privacy policy and we can do this without notice. Are you satisfied with our privacy policy?

  1. We take some of your personal information.
    We take some of your personal information such as email id phone number, your address, we take these things from you.
  2. We also use profile data.

We use data so that we email you your phone number on your messages, we keep giving you new updates and if there is any problem, we can solve that problem with your number And we can give you updates about our new offers and new services through your profile. We use these profile data to further improve our service.

If something like this happens in legal action, we will use this profile data in this condition.

3. Sharing of personal information

If something like this happens in legal action, we will use this profile data in this condition. 

BSAS Mobile Service will not use any profile data with any company, does not share any data to any company.

BSAS Mobile Service We do not share any of our customer data with any company, if we share it with the business, then we share our experience with the choice of the customer and whatever happens, we share with the company but the customer data private Whatever is the data, we will not share it

4. Security Precautions

If the customer comes to our site and once his information has come to us, it will remain with us, this information will not go to any third party or any company, only we will only have it, you should not worry that Your data will be leaked, your information is not something, whatever you are aware of, we are safe and nothing will happen.


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