Courier Information

If you want to take any product from us, you can take all the information by chatting or calling us, we will tell you all what you have to do for booking.


Full information

If you have any questions about the courier, how will we do the courier, then we will help you completely. Whether it is about the payment, you will be helped completely


Payment information

If you want to know about the payment, then you have to advance the payment to us, the entire product will be delivered only then your product will be delivered.


Courier Send

We will send the courier the next day when you pay us, and we will give you the tracking number so that you can track your courier.


Track Your Order

When your courier departs, it will take 4 to 5 days / And when you find the courier you call us


Pickup Your Courier

When you get the courier, then you tell us that the courier is found and make a video of his unboxing.