iPhone repair service delhi bsas mobile service

iPhone Repair all india

Wherever you live in India and you want to get your phone repaired by us, then you can send it to our address, which you have to send to Delhi.

All you have to do to send the phone to us

First of all you have to pack your phone in a box.

After packing you have to enter our address

post office bsas

You have to visit your Near Post Office

You can post from any post office

courier bsas

After getting your phone, our process will now be like this

This is our courier process

courier bsas

.Our courier will also be the same as you have done

.And the courier we will do will be in urgent so that you will get it within 2 days.

.We will also give you the courier’s tracking id so that you can track

.From here we will pay when we courier

Terms and conditions

1.From whichever company the courier will be, that company defines that in how many days the courier will arrive.

2.We will not take the responsibility of courier arrival, this is the work of the courier company, we do not take any responsibility for the arrival and departure.

3.If the courier is not received due to any reason or it is received after a long time, then it is not our responsibility.

4.Till the time you do not get the tracking id, the courier will be our responsibility.

5.If for some reason the phone is not received in the courier, then we will not be responsible for that.

6.The courier will come out from our side and we will give you the tracking id, after that we will not be responsible as to when the courier will reach you.

7.As long as the phone is with us, it is our full responsibility to keep it safe.

8.If there is any problem due to which the courier does not come, then we will try our best to reach it to you.

9.When you get the courier, you must shoot a video of its unboxing so that it will be proof that you got the item right or wrong.

10.If your courier does not come then you have to go to the post office from which your courier is coming, the same people will help you.

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